Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well it's been awhile since I've posted anything but we've had some hard sleepless nights thanks to 4 new teeth breaking through and a little bit of a cold. Now were back on a semi normal sleeping and napping schedule and eating like crazy! Today is the celebration of one year post shunt surgery for Haydin, its a pretty big deal since we didn't even know if we would get this much time with him. We celebrated the day by swimming in his new pool, shopping and watching movies (all of his favorites) and all through the day he just kept smiling and talking like he knew he hit this milestone, he's amazing! This day means so much to me and I hope for many more years I have the chance to look back and know Haydin proved the doctors wrong again and again.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Growth spurt

For the past two days Haydin's seizures have been getting a lot worse and he's been sleeping like crazy, yay growth spurt. Now all of his medications are thrown off and were back to the guessing game of how much we need to increase the medication to stabilize his seizures. Other that that Haydin has been very vocal especially when we went to Bob Evan's the other day and he was trying to talk louder than the little kids behind us. We also figured out that Haydin likes to sing along to Lady Gaga since they pretty much speak the same language. This week we have p.t on Monday then on Tuesday we go and get a mold of his upper body for his support vest and were hopefully looking into getting him a therapy pool with the neck floaty, hopefully it will help him a lot. But were off to bed, lots of hugs and Haydin kisses :D

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The past year

My son Haydin is almost 14 months and has a condition called Hydranencephaly where his brain didn't form completely due to veins in his neck being blocked. He has a 75% brain loss and doctors give the grim out look of him not making it to see him 2nd Birthday. Haydin is the happiest, silliest, and cutest kid I know and the fact that he can smile and laugh through all the bad inspires me. He got a shunt placement surgery when he was 4 months old and that has been his only surgery to date. Haydin has weekly physical therapy and begins special education school in the fall, were so excited to take that big step! Haydin has his mind currently set on walking (even though he has little to no head control) he wants to do things like the big kids and I know one day he will. We recently found out that Haydin can only see lights and see blurs of shapes, but his hearing is perfect. Everyday is a blessing with him, he is and will always be my miracle!